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February 20: We recently completed the shawl shown in the adjacent photo. This was made using 2 skeins of Hand Maiden yarn, along with coordinating beads, which are triangular in shape. The result speaks for itself. This shawl is on display in the store, and we have a great inventory of yarns & beads from which to choose if you would like to make one for you or as a gift.






February 7: We just received "Poppy", which is a new novelty yarn. Poppy is really a delightful product, and it comes with the pattern to make the hat shown on the right side of the adjacent image. It is an excellent single skein product, and promises to knit very quickly given the large size of needles used. The possibilities are nearly endless. This is just in time for Valentines, and it will absolutely knit up very quickly. Poppy is a blend of 53% Acrylic; 45% Wool; and 2% Mohair. Each skein is approx 43 yards in length.








Shown in the adjacent image is our 2nd shawl of this particular design. If you compare it to the shawl in the next images below, you are right - it is the same. When we made the shawl shown below, we had sufficient yarn left over to make another, so we did. The only difference is that we changed the sequence of colors, and used different beads, and while the appearance is similar, it is also quite different. Both of these shawls are on display in the store, and available for you to see. They are both elegant, appealing to the touch, and not terribly difficult to make. If you feel that your knitting skills are not up to this task, inquire about a class tailored to your making this shawl.







February 5: Shown in the adjacent photo[right] is an incredible brown shawl we just completed. The shawl is quite striking, and the beads absolutely set off the creation. We knitted this shawl using "Filisilk" which is a new yarn in our inventory. Filisilk is from Germany, and is of the highest quality. It is a blend of 70% merino wool, and 30% silk, giving it that unmistakable sheen that only comes from silk content. We actually used three different colors in making the shawl. You really must see this shawl in person to appreciate its beauty, and discern the color gradients, which are subtle, but are definitely there. Additionally, beads really set this shawl off. We offer a class if anyone is interested in making this shawl, but feels as if they are not quite up to the task.

Shown left, are the 19 colors of Filisilk we received yesterday, which gives you an incredible selection from which to choose. The response to the Filisilk Shawl has been incredible!








January 12: In issue 78 of The Knitter magazine we saw a shawl, featured on the cover, which was beautiful, and decided to make this. The result is featured on the photo (left). Albertine was made using a single skein of Fyberspates Gleem Lace yarn, and complimentary triangular beads. The shawl took less than the full skein. We have this shawl on display in the store, and also have The Knitter magazine available for anyone interested in making one for themselves, along with a great selection of Gleem Lace (recommended by the designer).






January 8: Happy New Year!!! During the holidays, we worked on making the "Serendipity Lace Shawl" which is shown in the adjacent photo. As all knitters realize, not all projects are the same. For us, Serendipity was one of the most wonderful projects we have ever undertaken, and the result speaks for itself, and for the designer of this awesome shawl. We used Jade Sapphire Silk/Cashmere yarn, and the shawl took 2 skeins (as shown). We also just received a shipment of this incredible yarn in a variety of colors. We also used triangular beads to give the shawl an unmistakbeable elegance. The pattern is available via Ravelry, and if you wish, you can simply click on the adjacent photo and you will be taken to the Ravelry page where you can purchase and download this incredible shawl. While the finished shawl looks like you would need a Ph.D. in knitting to make, it is in reality not a difficult pattern to master. Serendipity is on display in the store. If you have interesting in making this for yourself, and feel that you need assistance, we offer custom instruction tailored to your specific needs. In the alternative, if there is interest within the community, we are considering offering a"Knit Along" for a group not to exceed 4 participants. If you have such interest, please call the store at 407-331-5648.




December 30; Shown in the photo (left) is our recently completed "Advent Scarf" which we provided a link to below. It tured out so perfect that Boris insisted that this was his Christmas present. The scarf really is beautiful, and is a very worthwhile knitting project. Shown in the photo (right) is our recently completed "Wintersweet" shawl, which was part of a KAL from Boo Knits. The shawl is quite elegant, and speaks for itself. It was also not very difficult to make. Both of these new additions are on display in the store. Don't try to take the Advent away from Boris as he may get grouchy....



December 12: We recently discovered a wonderful "project", which is produced by very talented designer in Germany. This is a holiday related project, and something that she has produced for the ast few years. The project covers 24 days of Advent, and produces an "Advent Scarf." Each day, she releases a new set of instructions on her website. At this juncture, we are now on our 12th day,and hence we are about half way through. The result is stunning, and produces a scarf to clearly will be treasured for years to come. If you have interest, click on the adjacent image and you will be taken to the website where you can download the instructions. The scarf requires 3 balls of Zauberball yarn to complete.



Yesterday we received a long awaited, and much anticipated new lace yarn from Kelbourne Woolens- "Road to China - Lace." We received 12 colors of this exciting new yarn, as shown in the adjacent photo. Road to China Lace is a delightful blend of 65% Baby Alpaca; 10% Cashmere; 10% Camel; and 15% Silk, which makes this a blend to die for in terms of its elegance, and adaptability to your lace knitting projects. It feels incredible to the touch. Each skein is approximately 656 yards in length.






Shown in the photo (left) are the 10 colors of "Tundra" we received. Tundra is a blend of 50% Baby Alpaca; 30% Merino Wool; and 10% Silk. It is a delightful bulky weight yarn that absolutely is wonderful against your skin, and to the touch.





December 8, 2014: We have been waiting for our last shipment of Madelinetosh "Tosh Lace" for over 5 months. The wait is now over, the exceptionally large shipment arrived this morning, and it includes 45 colors of this incredible yarn. If you are an affecianado of Madelinetosh yarns, and an affecionado of lace knitting, it is time to stock up, as Madelinetosh announced last summer that they are discontinuing this yarn. This is the very last shipment of Tosh Lace that we will receive. We have at least 3 skeins of each of the 45 colors, and in some cases more. However, when they are gone, they are gone, and it is not possible to order more. If you, or someone you know loves lace knitting, and Madelinetosh yarns, this is the time to stock up.

As the holidays are right around the corner, remember that Knitting Patch gift certificates make perfect gifts for the knitters in your life. They are available in any denomination, and never expire.




November 29: Shown in the adjacent photo is a shawl we completed yesterday that was make using a pattern in the current edition of Noro Magazine (#5). The finished result is really wonderful, and surprisingly the pattern is relatively easy to knit. Our example is on display in the store, and we have both the Noro magazine as well as the Noro yarn in stock to ensure that you can complete yours in time for the holidays which are now officially right around the corner.






November 17: Shown in the photo [right] is another shawl from Boo Knits, entitled "Intrepid Spirit" from her Spirit Collection. We made our Intrepid Spirit using three skeins of Jade Sapphire "Silk/Cashmere" which produced a stunning result, which is a beautiful to look at as it is comfortable to wear. Our Intrepid Spirit is on display in the store, so please stop by and see for yourself how magnificent this shawl is. Typical of Boo Knits patterns, this shawl was not difficult to make.






November 6: The adjacent photo shows our "Fragile Heart" shawlfrom Boo Knits we recently completed. Like all of our recent projects from Book Knits, Fragile Heart was a relatively easy project, and the pattern was absolutely a dream to knit. The result speaks for itself. Fragile Heart is a timeless shawl that would absolutely be a stand out anywhere you wear it. As shown, we used a single skein of Sweet Georgia "Spun Silk" (100% Silk) in making this shawl.







The adjacent photo shows the eleven colors of Jade Sapphire "Silk Cashmere" we received. At the far right of the photo is a shawl which was made using this absolutely wonderful yarn. Silk Cashmere is an incredible blend of 55% Silk & 45% Cashmere, making for a feel and appearance that is nearly impossible to beat. It is soft and cozy to the touch, and that unmistakable sheen that comes only from silk gives the yarn an elegance that puts it in a category by itself.






October 28: We recently received two great new yarns which are perfect for your fall and winter knitting projects. Shown left is 100% Cashmere from Jade Sapphire. Each skein of this luxurious yarn is approx 400 yards in length. We have ten colors from which to choose.









From Anzula we received ten colors of their "Breeze" lace weight yarn, which is conveniently already wound into a ball. Each ball of Breeze is approx 750 yards in length. Breeze is a very appealing blend of 65% Silk; & 35% Linen assuring that your finished pieces will be stunning to look at, and durable assuring years of wear, while retaining its beauty.





October 14: It's "Almost Autumn," here in Central Florida, and by coincidence, it is also the name of our latest project shawl, which is shown in the photo [left]. The pattern is from Boo Knits! Close to You Collection. Like the other recent projects we have knitted from Boo Knits, Almost Autumn was exciting to make, and actually a lot of fun to knit. For this shawl, and in consonance with it's name, we selected a color of yarn that reflects the colorful beauty of the Autumn season. We chose Sweet Georgia "Sea Mist" (blend of Silk & Mohair) in their Woodland color. We used 2 skeins making the shawl as shown. Almost Autumn is on display in the store. We have the yarn available, as well as the pattern to make this truly elegant shawl.




October 6: We just completed a project that was inspired by our Breast Cancer Awareness Month, hence, the pink color we selected. The shawlette shown in the adjacent photo is named "Fragile Heart," and the pattern comes from Boo Knits. We selected Anzula "Cloud" yarn for the project, which is a delightful blend of 80% Superwash Merino; 10% Cashmere, and 10% Nylon giving the piece incredible properties, and is very wonderful to the touch. Like our recent projects knitted using Boo Knits patterns, Fragile Heart was quite simple to knit, and an exceptionally fun project to knit. The results achieved are far greater than the effort put into knitting the Boo Knits patterns we have recently knitted. This tends to accentuate your knitting skills. FYI, Fragile Heart only required a single skein to make.





October 3: From Jaggerspun Yarns, we received 10 beautiful colors of their "Zephyr" (Wool/Silk Lace weight) yarn as shown in the photo (left). This yarn knits beautifully as the image at the far right shows a skirt that we knitted using this fine yarn. This yarn, is truly enjoyable to knit, and dreamy to the touch, with that unmistakable sheen that only comes from Silk content. Each skein is approx 1120 yards in length. We have more colors on the way. This yarn is also available in cones, which are approx 5,040 yards in length.






October 2: Another incredible shawl from Boo Knits is shown in the adjacent photo. This shawl is named "Snow Angel," and that name is really perfect for this really beautiful shawl. As knitted we used a single skein of Sweet Georgia Silky Merino yarn. The result speaks for itself. The shawl iselegant, delicate, feminine, increibly soft and alluring - in short it is near perfection. It is on display in the store, so please stop by and have a look for yourself. Like the other Boo Knits patterns we have made lately, this one was very easy to knit, and it was fun to make. While the photos do not showcase the beads, there are beads in the shawl.








September 30: A wonderful shawl from Boo Knits "Out of Darkness" is featured in the adjacent photo. As with other Boo Knits patterns we have knitted, this one was incredibly fun to knit, and the result speaks for itself. Out of Darkness is on display in the store, so please stop by and see this shawl for yourself, and realize that you too can make this incredibly fun, and beautiful shawl. Our example was knitted using 100% silk yarn.





September 15: We are very pleased to announce that we have received the color Black from Hand Maiden in their Maiden Hair (shown in adjacent photo [top]; and in their Swiss Silk. Until now, they did not offer these yarns in black, but they acquiesced to our repeated requests and made it for us. Both of these yarns are the best of the best, and perfectly suited to more knitting projects than we dare imagine. Black iss a universal color, and one that is well suited to upscale attire. Can you imagine setting off an elegant evening ensemble with a magnificent lace shawl made with these yarns, and accented with beads? It is hard tio imagine that you could create anything that would be more beautiful or garner more attention that this shawl. These yarns arrived in plenty of time for you to make your own creation in tme for the holiday season that is just around the corner. This is your opportunity to make certain that you absolutely stand out in any crowd.








September 9: Shown left is our "Peaseblossom Shawl" which was knitted using Fleeceartist "Lino" yarn, using a pattern created by Boo Knits, which is a part of her "Dream Collection" that was comissioned by Hand Maiden/Fleece Artist to showcase their yarns. This shawl only required a single skein of yarn, and slightly over 1 bag of beads to create. From beginning to end, we invested about 45 hours in knitting this shawl, and that was 45 hours of pleasure. Both the pattern, and the yarn were delightful to work with. This is one project that I did not look forward to finishing due to the fact that it was such a pleasure to knit. We have a large inventory of Lino in a rainbow of colors available, as well as the pattern. Lino is a blend of 65% Silk, and 35% Linen making it as perfect a yarn as one could imagine. When we blocked the shawl this morning, the yarn did not stretch much at all, and it maintained its form. This shawl is on display in the store. Stop by and see for yourself. Plan ahead for the upscale events that are just around the corner during the holidays, and imagine how spectacular you would look with your own Peaseblossom shawl highlighting your attire.






September 1: Yarn manufacturers dream of introducing a new yarn, and have it receive the reception that Noro's new Silk Garden "Solo" has received. We placed our order on the very day it was announced early this year, and we only just received our initial shipment of this highly anticipated yarn. It was worth the wait, and it upholds the quality of the Noro brand, as well as the heritage of the Silk Garden series. Silk Garden Solo is a blend of 45% Silk; 45% Mohair; and 10% Wool making it a nearly perfect blend for our warm weather. The blend is versatile in that you can make upscale pieces of more casual and they will all turn out beautifully. The photo (right) shows the 9 colors of Silk Garden Solo that we have in stock. If you have interest in this yarn, you should not hesitate, because it is selling very briskly, and due to limited availability it is hard to find.


Shown in the photo (left) are the 3 colors of "Gradient" we received. Gradient is made by Schoeppel in Germany, and is of the absolute highest quality. It is 100% Merino Wool, and is very soft and alluring, with a beautiful texture, and coloring that is striking. Each ball is approximately 260 meters/284 yards in length. Gradient is quite adaptable to many knitting projects, and promises to make afinished piece that you will be proud of, and that will last many years.













We also received 29 colors of Lorna's Laces "Helen's Lace" this past week, all of which are shown in the 2 adjacent photos. Helen's Lace is a favorite amongst serious lace knitters. It is renowned for its quality, durability, and its vibrant colorations, which are perfect. We have stocked Helen's Lace for a long time now, and it has proven to be a yarn that lace knitters relish. Each skein of Helen's Lace is approximately 1,250 yards in length and is a blend of 50% Silk & 50% Wool, which is a wonderful blend for lace knitting projects. There is an unmistakable elegance that comes naturally from silk content.






We frequently say that The Knitting Patch is "The Place for Lace," perhaps you can now understand why we make this statement. In addition to Lorna's Laces we also stock many high quality lace weight yarns from which to choose.









August 29: We just completed an incredibly fun project which is shown in the photo (left). This shawl is named "Spellbound" and it is the creation of Boo Knits. The finished result is nothing short of stunning, and this applies to every aspect of the shawl. The beads really set off this shawl, and gives it a magical presence that seems to almost be calling out to you. Our example was knitted using Sweet Georgia's Merino Silk yarn, which is the yarn that Boo Knits recommended. Our example is on display in the store. We have the yarn, and the pattern available for purchase. This is a project that promises to be fun, and will also give you bragging rights as the finished shawl looks far more complicated than it is to knit. With the holiday's right around the corner, a Spellbound shawl would make a perfect gift that promises to become a family heirloom.


August 26: We recently completed our "Lady Lilith Shawl" as shown in the photo (right) The result speaks for itself, and the shawl is absolutely a stunner. As knitted, the shawl required two skeins of Anzula "Sebastian" yarn, which is a delightful blend of Superwash Merino and Sea Silk, which makes the yarn heavenly to touch, and stunning to admire. There are beads as well, which do not show well in the photo due to the size of the image, but they really do set off this shawl. This wasa fun project to knit, and not too difficult. Hence, it is well within the reach of many knitters. The great thing is when finished it will definitely make you look to be an expert knitter, due to the design, and how stunning the shawl is. Stop by the store and see this one for yourself.




August 13: Today is a great day, as received the 2nd part of our order from Hand Maiden. Shown in the photo (left) are the 6 colors of Swiss Silk, which as the name suggests is 100%. This yarn is so incredible that it is impossible to describe how perfect a yarn it truly is. Silk as a fiber for knitting is amongst the most elegant available. Given our weather here in Florida tending to be warm (relatively) year around, silk makes a perfect garment or accessory that you can use year around. Each skein of Swiss Silk is approx 437 yards in length.






Shown in the photo (right) are the 15 colors of Maiden Hair we received today. Maiden Hair is a blend of 67% Silk; 23% Kid Mohair; & 10% Nylon, which is an incredible blend that is both luxurious in appearance and to the touch, and durable. Each skein of Maiden Hair is approximately 328 yards in length.





August 5: Yesterday we received another shipment from Sweet Georgia, this time it contained 13 beautiful colors of their "Spun Silk Lace" yarn. Spun Silk Lace is 100% Silk, and is absolute lucious to touch, and as elegant as any yarn could ever hope to be. The colorations are stunning, which is something legendary Sweet Georgia. Each skein is approx 485 yards. This is an excellent yarn to consider for holiday gifts for special people in your life. Whatever you make using Spun Silk Lace is destined to become a family heirloom.



July 29: Featured in the photo (left) is our recently completed "Clarity Shawl," which was made using Noro Taiyo Sock yarn. The result speaks reams about how perfectly suited this yarn is for this shawl. The colorations within the yarn are absolutely perfect for this project. Moreover, this pattern is not difficult to follow, and is an ideal project for most knitters. Stop by the store and see this shawl for yourself. You may find yourself making one for yourself, or someone special.



July 15: Today we received 11 colors of "Lacey Lamb" from Jade Sapphire. Lacey lamb, as the name implies, is an exceptionally elegant lace weight yarn, which is 100% Extrafine Lambswool, each ball is approximately 825 yards in length. Lacey Lamb is heavenly to touch and feels wonderful against your skin. As the adjacent photo attests, the results that can be achieved with this yarn are nothing short of spectacular. The shawl shown is in a book which we have on order having sold out our first three orders. It is an exceptional book that would be a welcome addition to your lace knitting library.



July 11: Yesterday we received new yarns from Jade Sapphire and Manos Del Uruguay. These yarns are really beautiful, and worth of consideration for your knitting projects. We are also pleased to announse that The Knitting Patch is now a stocking retailer of Jade Sapphire products. If you are not familiar with their yarns, you should take a close look, as they are absolutely elegant in every sense of the word.

Shown in the photo (left) are the 9 colors of Serena we received from Manos Del Uruguay. At the far right of this photo is a suit that was created using this very wonderful yarn. The pattern for this suit is available in the Vogue Knitting Early Fall 2014 edition, which we have available in the store. This edition contains some incredible patterns and is a worthwhile addition to any knitters collection. Serena is a blend of 60% Baby Alpaca, and 40% Pima Cotton making the yarn have very enduring qualities, ensuring that you finished pieces will last for many years. Each skein is approximately 170 yards in length.


Shown in the adjacent photo are the 8 colors of Jade Sapphire "Sylph" we received. Sylph is a wonderful blend of 58% Cashmere and 42% Linen that must be felt to be appreciated. This is a near perfect blend that feels wonderful against your skin. Each skein of Sylph is approximately 309 yards in length.



The photo (left) shows the 6 colors of Jade Sapphire "Khata" we received yesterdaqy. Khata is a blend of 50% Yak, and 50% Silk, making it another yarn that has wonderful properties, including feeling incredible against your skin. At the far left of the photo is a cardigan that was knitted using Khata, and attests to how beautiful this yarn knits. This particular cardigan is taken from Vogue Knitting Early Fall 2014 edition, which we have available in the store. The Knitting Patch is pleased to be your resource for Jade Sapphire in Central Florida. Stop by and have a look at their incredible yarns. You will be glad you did.


July 7: We just completed our "Ocean Breeze" shawl, which was a Knit Along project from Boo! Knits. The results speak for themselves. This was a fun project, and not too difficult, making it an ideal consideration for most knitters. As knitted we used 2 different Fyberspates yarns for this project. Ocean Breeze is on display in the store. Stop by and see for yourself. The pattern is available directly from Boo! Knits via Ravelry. You can also click on the Boo! Knits logo below, and go to the appropriate Ravelry page to purchase this wonderful pattern.





July 4: Happy Independence Day!!! Stop by and spend some time knitting with us today, and enjoy our celebration.

We have been asked many times about the rules governing what is and is not allowed [knitting tools] to be carried aboard commercial aircraft. This morning we came accross an article which addresses this question directly, and have decided to post it here for you to review:

The Knitting Patch will be open on Friday, July 4th from 10:00am until 5:00pm. Feel free to join us for our celebration of Independence Day. Bring along some knitting projects, and spend time knitting with us..

June 23: On Saturday we received a large shipment from Hand Maiden Yarns. While this is a large shipment, we still have 2 more orders pending! We love Hand Maiden Yarns, and we are striving to have an extensive inventory of their yarns available to you.


Shown left are the 15 colors of Flaxen we received. Flaxen has been a favorite among our customers, as it knits so beautifully, and the finished pieces are timeless, durable, and lasting. Flaxen is a blend of 65% Silk; & 35% Linen making it a near perfect blend for our warm weather.




Shown in the adjacent photo are the 16 colors of Lino we received. Lino, much like Flaxen, is a blend of 65% Silk & 35% Linen, the major difference being that Lino is a lace weight yarn. All of the positive attributes of Flaxen apply to Lino in terms of the sheer beauty of the yarn, its durability, and being very well suited to warm weather knitting projects. Add to those attributes the elgance of lace....



Shown left are the 10 colors of Sea Silk we received. Sea Silk is a blend of 70% Silk & 30% Seacell. Sea Silk is also well suited to our warm climate, and promises to maketimeless pieces that will be cherished forever.







The adjacent photo shows the eight colors of Rumple we received. Rumple, as the name suggests, has a unique texture that is actually quite pleasing. Rumple is 100% Silk, making it beautiful, durable, and well suited for warm weather knitting projects.





Shown in the adjacent photo are the 14 colors of Mini Maiden we received. Mini Maiden is a blend of 50% Silk & 50% Wool. Although there is wool content, it is more than offset by the silk, making Mini Maiden an excellent choice for warm weather knitting projects. Moreover, wool is extremely durable, and assures that your investment will last for generations to come.




June 13: We have discovered a most extraordinary designer from the UK, her trade name is "Boo Knits." The patterns created by Boo Knits! are truly exceptional. When we discovered them, we immediately placed an order (through Ravelry) for a variety of them, including one that will be released later this month named "Ocean Breeze" that promises to be awesome. We urge you to visit Ravelry, and see the magnificent patterns available from Boo Knits! You will be glad that you did. Her patterns are available exclusively through Ravelry by clicking on the Boo Knits logo below (you will need to login to Ravelry for access):


June 10: A recent Japanese television show called "Great Gear" filmed an excellent and inspirational piece at the Noro headquarters in the Aichi prefecture in central Japan.

The segment is about 6 minutes long, but packed full of visually stimulating images and interesting information about how Noro yarns are created. For Noro fans, you will find this to be very interesting. Click on the following link will take you watch the segment: Noro "Great Gear".

Yesterday we received some incredible new inventory, including our initial stock from Koigu Yarns and new colors of Euroflax on cones. Details below:


Shown in the adjacent photo are the 12 colors of "KPM [Koigu Premium Merino]" from Koigu Yarns. While the photos look great, and showcase the incredible colorations in this incredible yarn, you really must see it in person to fully appreciate this incredible fingering weight yarn. KPM is 100% Merino Wool, and each skein is approximately 175 yards in length.





Also from Koigu are the 11 colors of Koigu Lace Merino shown in the photo (right). Koigu Lace Merino is 100% Merino Wool, and each skein is approximately 292 yards in length. Again, the coloring of this yarn is spectacular, which is precisely the reputation that Koigu has within the industry. Nobody does coloring the way that Koigu does, and it really does show in all of their products. If you are unfamiliary with Koigu, you owe it to yourself to learn, and find out for yourself.



Euroflax is as near perfect a yarn for our warm/hot climate that exists. It is 100% Linen in content, which is as comfortable and durable a yarn as one could possibly hope for to make garments to wear year around here in Florida. We are stocking this incredible yarn in cones to make your knitting easier, as this eliminates the need to make connections and hide ends in your knitting. While the specific weight of each cone varies slightly, the content is approximately 1,300 yards, which is sufficient for many knitting projects. We presently have 15 colors of this yarn in our inventory, as several colors were sold yesterday upon arrival! This is our second shipment of this fine yarn, and if the results of our first shipment are an indication, these will not last long either. This yarn is from Belgium.





June 3: Today we received some long yarns which are absolutely perfect for your summer (year around) knitting here in Central Florida.

Shown in the photo (right) are the 5 colors of trilogie we received. trilogie is an extremely high quality yarn from zGermany that is a blend of 75% Virgin Wool; 15% Silk; & 10% Linen. As far as perfect blends for our hot weather, you can't want for much better than trilogie. It is very pleasing to the touch. Each skein of trilogie is approximately 400 meters (437 yards) in length.




The photo (left) shows the 3 colors of Rylie we received. Rylie is another yarn from Germany that is ideally suited for your warm weather knitting projects being a blend of 50% Baby Alpaca; 25% Mulberry Silk; & 25% Linen. Each skein of Rylie is approx 274 yards in length. Rylie is a DK weight yarn, that is incredibly soft to the touch. Rylie is amazingly soft and appealing, and is a yarn that is hard to adequately describe.



Shown in the photo (right) are the 3 colors of Nina we received. Nina is from Italy, and is a perfect yarn for warm weather knitting. Nina is a blend of 77% Linen and 23% Cotton making for a finished piece that allow you to breathe while wearing it. Each ball of Nina is approximately 136 yards in length.





Shown in the photo left are the 12 colors of Cotton Classic Lite we received. As the name implies, this is 100% cotton, and is from Greece. Cotton is one of our most popular fibers for warm weather projects, as it is as comfortable as it is durable. Moreover it is durable ensuring that your finished pieces will be usable for you for many years to come.

If you are looking for a perfect yarn for your summer knitting project(s) this is a perfect time to come to The Knitting Patch. In addition to these new arrivals, we have an already extenswive inventory of yarns which are well suited to warm weather. Stop by the store and see for yourself.



May 30: We recently completed three projects, and wish to share the results with you.

Shown in the photo (left) is a very brautiful scarf made using Greak Adirondack yarn, using a pattern that can be purchawsed online. As shown, we used Great Adirondack's "Soxie" yarn, which is a fingering weight yarn, and as finished we used approx 1.5 skeins of yarn. This scarf really make a statement, and is not difficult to make. It is on display in the store.


Shown in the photo (right) is a short sleeve sweater made using Bergere De France "Bigarelle" yarn, and a pattern from Bergere De France that was published in a recent knitting publication. As knitted, we used 3 skeins of Cabourg, which is a great yarn for our weather, as it is a blend of Linen and Cotton, making the garment perfect in our hot, humid environment. This garment is on display in the store.






The cardigan shown in the adjacent photo was knitted using 7 skeinsw of Bergere De France "Carbourg" yarn, using a Bergere De France pattern that was published recently in a knitting magazine. The results speaks for themselves, as the finished piece is a very practical piece, that is as beautiful, and feminine as it is practical. This cardigan is on display in the store.







May 25: Happy Memorial Day!!!!

We apologize for the delay in getting our website updated, but our webmaster experienced some problem which prevented theupdates from being processed in a timely manner. Enough of excuses, lets get on with the fund stuff - Y-A-R-N! And we have a lot to update.

Not shown, but definitely worthy of mention is a large shipment from Louet of their 100% Linen Lace weight yarn, which is provided on cones rather than skeins. We actually prefer knitting using cones as it reduces the number of connections to be made, and ends to be hid at the end of your project. Each cones is approx 1300 yards of yarn. We have placed another order for this product, as our initial order has almost completely sold out! When you visit the store, please ask to see this unique, and very exceptional yarn. This yarn is also incredibly high quality, and is certain to make your finished pieces as comfortable as they are beautiful.

Sown in the adjacent photo are the four colors of Katia "Iris" we received last week. It has proven to be very popular, as we have already placed an order for all of the colors of this exceptional yarn. The fiber content of Iris (52% Linen; 47% Polyester; 1% Polymide)makes it a near perfect yarn for our hot, humid weather. Moreover the yarn is quite elegant, and produces stunning results that are as practical as they are beautiful, as the pullover in the photo attests.

Shown in the photo (right) are the two colors of "Sublime" we received last week. Sublime is a very compelling blend of 75% Merino; 20% Silk; & 5% Cashmere, making this yarn very comfortable for almost any application, is also quite durable ensuring a long life. The silk content gives Sublime a unique sheen that only comes from silk.




We received a long awaited (and large) shitment from Madelinetosh with many new colors, and yarns for you to choose from. Shown left are the 12 colors of Madelinetosh "Dandelion." Dandelion is a new yarn fr us to stock, and we are quite pleased that we did. Dandelion is a blend of 90% Superwash Merino; and 10% Linen, making Dandelion a yarn that is exceptionally well suited to our hot, humid weather. Each skein of Dandelion is approx 325 yards in length.





The adjacent photo shows the 17 colors of Madelinetosh "Tosh Lace" yarn which we received last week. Tosh Lace is 100% Superwash Merino Wool, and each skein is approx 950 yards in length. Tosh Lace has been a very popular yarn amongst our lace knitters.






Shown in the photo (left) are the 10 colors of Madelinetosh Pashmina Worsted, which is a relative new product. Pashmina Worsted is a blend of 75% Merino Wool; 15% Silk; and 10% Cashmere, which is absolutely a heavenly blend that will be incredibly comfortable to wear. Each skein of Pashmina Worsted is approx 210 yards in length.










Shown in the three adjacent images are the 26 colors of Madelinetosh "Tosh DK" we received last week. Tosh DK is 100% Superwash Merino Wool, and each skein is approx 225 yards in length. Tosh DK has proven iself to be an incredibly popular yarn, and perfect for an exceedingly wide variety of knitting projects, and is adaptable for almost any climate. It is an extremely durable yarn, and the colorations of Tosh DK is beautiful, and so typical of the quality and coloring that Madelinetosh is known for producing.

If you are a fan of Madelinetosh yarns, this is an excellent time to shop while our selections are seemingly endless.








April 3: Late yesterday we received a shipment containing 25 colors of "Jitterbug," which is their sock weight yarn. Shown left are the 25 new colors we received into our inventory, on top of our existing colors for this exciting yarn. Jitterbug has been an extremely popular yarn since we introduced it to Central Florida. It is 100% Superwash Merino, and the coloring is absolutely superb. Each skein is approx 400 yards in length. This fingering yarn is amongst the most versatile yarns you can find and works perfectly for socks, shawls, tops, and much much more. Jitterbug is a very high quality yarn, from Colinette, who is world famous for their incredible dying, and exceptional quality of all of their yarns.






April 2: Shown in the adjacent photo are the six exciting colors of Schulana Kid-Seta Pearl. This is a beautiful yarn, that will really produce incredible results for you. The yarn is a blend of 40% Mohair; 23% Glass; 20% Cotton; & 17% Silk. The pearls really standout, as the closeup at the far right depicts, which means they will be prominent in your finished pieces. This is an exciting new yarn. Stop by and see for yourself.



March 26: Shown in the photo left are the 9 colors of Sirdar "Ella" we just received. These are entirely new colors of a very soft, comfortable, and beautiful yarn that is as durable as it is beautiful. Each skein of Ella is approx 138 yards in length, and is a blend of 49% cotton; 48% acrylic; & 3% polyester. Shown in the photo (right) are the eight new colors of "Crofter" we received. Crofter is unique yarn that gives your finished project the appearance of a Fairisle Knit automatically. The results are beautiful. Each skein of Crofter is approx 179 yards in length. Crofter is a blend of 55% nylon; & 45% acrylic, providing a very durable, and lasting piece that can stand up to the most vigorous wear.





Shown in the adjacent photo are the 3 colors of Juniper Moon's "Moonshine" we received, along with a photo of a finished piece knitted with this new yarn. Moonshine is very soft and pleasing to touch, and has a beautiful appearance, with that unique sheen that only comes from silk. Each skein of Moonshine is approx 197 yards in length, and is a blend of 40% wool; 40% alpaca; and 20% silk, all of which are wonderful fibers, and fibers that are easy to knit with.






March 25: We came across a very compelling article on the CNN website that is about beneficial effects that knitting has you your brain, and health. It is, as we suggested very compelling reading that we want to share with everyone. Click on the following link and read this article entitled "This is your brain on knitting" directly on the CNN website.


March 22: Yesterday we received a very substantial shipment of new yarns from Anzula. Shown in the adjacent photo are the 19 colors of "Cloud" we now have in stock. Cloud is a very versatile, fingering weight yarn that suited to a wide variety of knitting projects. Cloud is an exceptionally high quality yarn, which is a blend of 80% Superwash Merino Wool; 10% Cashmere; & 10% Nylon, making Cloud a very appealing yarn, that will give many years of service while retaining its beauty.



Featured in the adjacent photo are the 13 colors of "Sebastian" we received yesterday. Sebastian is a fingering weight yarn, which is a blend of 70% Superwash Merino Wool; & 30% Sea Cell. Like Cloud, Sebastian is perfectly suited to an extremely wide variety of knitting projects from lace to socks! Sebastian is very comfortable against your skin as well.

Stop by the store and check out these two exciting yarns from Anzula.



March 7: First and foremost, we want to remind everyone to remember the significance of March 8 - "International women day," which is a national holiday in many parts of the world, including most European, and Asian countries. Since we love a reason to celebrate, we naturally believe it should be celebrated here in the USA as well. What better way to celebrate than coming to The Knitting Patch and treating yourself to the finest yarns available anywhere, and patterns to create an entire new ensemble for you. After all, aren't you worth it?????

Yesterday we received some long awaited new yarns, and pattern books from Bergere De France. These new yarns are really incredible, and very much worth considering for your knitting projects. Details below:


Shown in the image (left) are the three colors of Bigarelle, which is a new yarn from Bergere De France. As the example shown on the left side of the image depicts, the results you can achieve with Bigarelle are nothing short of stunning. Moreover, we have the book from which this sample was made available. It contains many more exciting possibilities as well. Bigarelle is a blend of 55% Organic Cotton; 35% Linen; & 9% Viscose making Bigarelle and incredibly durable yarn, and one that is ideally suited to the warm weather that is just about to be here. Moreover the colorations, and textures associated with Bigarelle are really remarkable.





The second new yarn from Bergere we received is Estirale, and the four colors we received are shown in the adjacent image as well as a finished piece knitted using this exceptional yarn. In addition to the yarn, we also have Bergere DeFrance pattern books available with a large selection of knitting ideas for this yarn. Estirale is a blend of 50% Acrylic; 21% Hemp; and 29% Polyester making this an exceptionally durable yarn that is certain to look new for many years to come.





We also received three incredible Bergere De France publications of knitting ideas for babys, toddlers, and the 10 and under children in your life. From our perspective, Bergere De France produces absolutely some of the most inspired patterns available anywhere, and these are no exception to that rule. If you knit for the youngers generations, you owe it to yourself to stop by and explore these publications. Moreover, The Knitting Patch has one of the most extensive collections of vintage Knitting (and Crocheting) patters available anywhere. They are located away from the general retail area of the store, so please ask, and we will be happpy to show you what we have available. BUT, be prepared to spend some time, as we quite literally have thousands of publications to look through.




The Knitting Patch is pleased to be an authorized retailer for patterns designed by Ilga Leja. Ilga's designs are legendary, and exceptionally beautiful. We are pleased to welcome Ilga to our inventory. Please visit Ilga's website by clicking on the following link, and see for yourself her incrdible creations: Ilga Leja. Select the patterns you like, and stop by the store and purchase them. We have an example of Ilga's "Bermuda" shawl on display in the store. It is made with Noro Silk Garden Sock yarn, ad is one of the most beautiful shawls we have ever seen. She quite elegantly captured the motion of the ocean and sky in this awesome shawl. To visit Ilga Leja's website, you may click on any place where the words Ilga Leja appear or by clicking on Ilga's logo below.



The adjacent photo is of a truly exceptional shawl we completed. It is incredibly vibrant, very unusual in the manner in which the colorations are woven into the design, which symbolically represents water and waves. This shawl was made using two skeins of Noro Silk Garden Sock yarn. We have the pattern is available for purchase in the store. While the pattern is lengthy, it is not too complex as there is a lot of repitition. The results are nothing short of stunning and speak for themselves. This one is definitely a head turner, and you will be asked where you got it when you wear this one out.







The skirt shown in the photo (left) is an original design, and it is truly stunning. Lace knitting produces the most spectacular results, and allows for individual creativity in designing a unique, one of a kind creation. This skirt used 1.79 miles of yarn! We absolutely love lace knitting, and achieving these kind of results from the effort we put into our examples.






Boris, who has so faithfully served as our store mascot turned model was recently promoted to Director of Security. Our belief was that as our security officer, someone would have to be crazy to pick a fight with a Polar Bear! Boris was sworn in yesterday, and received his official credentials as you can see in the photo below. He was overwhelmed by this turn of events, and promised to keep modelling for us. Those of you who know Boris are certain to be happy with the news of his promotion.


To Steam (Block) or Not to Steam (Blosk) That is the question... We hear this question frequently. Some customers have said that other stores have told them it is not necessary. In a few cases (depending in fiber) this is true, but almost universally, you need to steam and blok in order to finish your project. In the context of a picture paints a thousand words, below is a photo of a recently completed knitted afghan, and we have taken photographs before and after the steaming, and the results speak for themselves. Steaming will "reset" the yarns memory, and allow it to relax. Accordingly the steaming process will make your finished project larger, in the case of this afghan, it grew by about 25%! Look at the before and after photos below, and judge for yourself - is steaming/blocking necessary?


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