Last Update: February 18, 2018 @3:15pm


February 19: New inventory is beginning to come in in time for Spring and Summer knitting projects.

Above [left] are 2 colors of Noro which is a dlightful blend of Wool; Silk; & Alpaca making this yarn have exquisite properties, including being very durable, and exceptionally comfortable at the same time. Each skein is approximately 250 meters in length. Above [middle] are six colors of "Jeans Ball" from Schoppel in Germany. Above [right} are the nine colors of Concentric, which is 100% Alpaca we received. All of these unique yarns are very worthwhile yarns for a variety of knitting and personal tastes.


February 18: We completed the shawl shown in the photo earlier this week. "Slip, Knit & Love" made a very striking appearance that will definitely set off many of your outfits, and garner attention wherever you wear it. It does not require advanced knitting capabilities to successfully make on your own, just an attention to what you are doing so that any mistakes made are cuaght very early making remediation of the mistake much easier. The pattern is easy to download at Ravelry by clicking on the photo (right) and downloading it from Ravelry. Our success if all patterns by Lisa Hannes have been exception to knit, and produce stunning pieces that are certain to be cherished.



January 13: The Knitting Patch will be open on Monday, January 15. We nvite every knitter/crocheter to come over and spend time knitting/crocheting. We will be open our normal hours from 10:00am until 5:00pm. While here we have some new inventory for you to peruse, and tons more on the way.


Shown in the photo (right) is a new yarn for us to inventory. We are very pleased with it and can hardly wait to make something with it. Vivacious 4 Ply from Fyberspates has just released some new colors, which are beautiful, and will work with many different projects. Being fingering weight, the yarn lends itself to socks; shawls, cardigans, and a variety of summer knitting projects. This is a superwash yarn as well, making taking care of your finished piece a breeze. Being Fyberspates you are assured that you are buying the absolute top quality, which relates into a long life, maintaining its form for many years to come.






Shown left is a new yarn we just received. Andorra is a blend of 60% Merino Wool; 20% Highland Wool; & 20% Mohair. Each skein contains approx 185 yards of this exceptional yarn. Mittens; Hats, and even Fair Isle projects would be ideal for this yarn. The colors are quite vivid and rich, and the yarn itself is very pleasing to the touch and against your skin. On your next visit be sure to check this new yarn out. You will be glad that you did.




January 11: New inventory has started arriving. Thee are many new exciting yarns, as well as new colors been a better time to shop for that unique yarn for your special project. In our "spare" time, we are continuing to knit examples. In this genre, a new cardigan has just been completed and added on display in the store. This is actually the 2nd cardigan we have made using this same pattern, which we purchased via Ravelry. If you click on the photo of our cardigan (photo right) you will be taken to the Ravelry page where you can purchase the pattern. As shown this cardigan was made using 2 skeins of Apple Tree Plush Fingering yarn, which are beautiful gradient yarns. This is an exceptional high quality yarn in every measure. Each skein is approx 560 yards in length. If you look lower on this home page, you will see the other cardigan, made using Hedgehog Fibres. This was posted on November 21, 2017. Stop in and see this cardigan for yourself, and explore the endless possibilities that exist fo you to "personalize" this just for you. We also offer classes on making this cardigan. Just ask when you are here.





Throughout the Fall of the year Boris had grown restless. He kept wanting something new to wear as he had grown tired of what he had. He saw us working on a "Stealth" project, and that made him want it all the more. Playing keep away from a Polar Bear is not an easy task. On the 24th when we finally opened the doors to this stealth project Boris was quite taken, and he instantly grabbed our "Advemt Scarf/Stole by Brigit Kok for his own. He hasen't taken it off since then. He will be happy to show you if you would like to see it when you visit.










December 29: Just in time for a festive New Year celebration, our "Stargazing Lace" shawl fills just the niche in your wardrobe. As shown in the adjacent photo, we used a single skein of Apple Tree Yarns Merino Wool to make, and it really was a perfect choice, and the finished result is proof positive. It was a fun project to knit, and working with Apple Tree was a true pleasure in knitting. Stargazing Lace is on display in the store, so please stop by and see for yourself.




December 15: Out "Advent Sale" continues with great success. Every day, thru December a unique yarn manufacturer or a specific yarn will be featrureds at considerable savings. During our Advent event there are no Sacred Cows, with a possibility that the special yarn you have been seeking with be offered at a specialprice for one day only. Moreover, with each sale, you will receive a coupon registering you for a drawing to be held at 12:00pm on December 24th.


November 21: Shown right is our Hitofude Cardigan, whose pattern can be found for purchase on Ravelry by clicking on the adjacent photo. As shown, we used 3 "Skinny Singles" from Hedgehog Fibres, which is 100% Merino Wool, and oh so schumptious to feel. It is exquisite in every way. It was an extremely fun project to knit.







Mojito is another creation of Boo Knits!, and an exceptional creation it is. Boo patters are always fun to knit, and the results are usually surprising because the result is better than you dared to hope. As showm our Mojito was knitted using a single skein of Hedgehog Fibres Merino Silk Lace and an additional skein of mohair. The added Mohair really adds pizzaz to the finished shawl, and also makes it feel better to the touch. The pattern is available for purchase at Boo Knits! page on Ravelry, which you can reach by clicking on the adjacent photo of Mojito. Alternatively you can purchase this pattern at The Knitting Patch, who is an authorized reseller for Boo Knits! We offer classes and/or assistance in knitting this exciting pattern.







October 21: Shown in the adjacent photo is our finished Apparition from Boo Knits! This MKAL was an interesting pattern to knit, and the participants in our Apparition assistance class have likewise been quite positive about the pattern. As Knitted we use 1 singly skein of Hedgehog Silky Merino Lace, and 3 skeins of mohair. The results is on display in the store.









October 18: Shown in the photo left is our recently completed Nephthys shawl. We selected Hand Maiden "Mini Maiden" yarn for the project, and it turned out beautifully, and a good choice of yarn. Nephthys took almost 2 skeins to knit. We purchased the pattern via Ravelry. If you place your cursor in the ajdacent photo and left click it will oopen a new tab, and take you directly to the page in Ravelry where you can purchase the payyern. We have knitted many patterns by Hayley Tsang Sather and found each one to be excellent, easy to follow, and enjoyable to knit. She patterns are extremely well documented.







The adjacent photo shows the 8 beautiful colors of Concentric we received earlier today. Concentric is a really nice yarn made of 100 Alpaca, making it have a nice feel, as well as making it a comfortable yarn to knit. Alpaca by nature is a durable yarn that will provide you with many years of wear. One of the mnost compelling aspects of Concentric is that it is a Gradient yarn, which are quite popular today. The colors are quite vibrant and compelling. The biggest problem is trying to pick one to use as you are likely to love all of them. Each ball is approximately 400 yards in length, and weighs approximately 200 grams.




September 25: The Pinche Shawl shown in the photo left, was recently complrtrd using a single skein of Hedgehog Fibres yarn. This shawl was not complicated to knit so long as you pay attention towhat you are doing. The design is unusual, but beautiful non the less, and promises to make a stunning complement to your outfit. It is on display in the store, so please stop by and see for yourself. The pattern to make Pinche is available free of charge at






September 24: Boo Knits will be starting her MKAL on October 1. This MKAL includes 5 clues, and ends on October 16. The Knitting Patch is offering Help Class in concert with the MKAL. There will be 1 class a week on Saturday from 2 until 3 at which time we will go through whatever concerns you may have with the clues released, as well as mistake resolution. BOO Knits patterns are well structured, understandable, and suitable for most knitters from beginners to advanced. In previous MKAL Assistance has been instrumental in creating work arounds in specific instances where it was preferable. Our MKAL assiatance classes are quite instructive, fun, and gives you a way to interact with others who have the same interests as you. You have until Saturday, September 30 to sign up for this class. If you click on the Boo Knits image to the right, you will be taken to the Ravelry page where you can order the MKAL directly from Boo.

September 17: We are still trying to get caught up from Irma's visit. However, the "Down Time" was spent as "Knit Time," and we have 2 new shawls on display, one of which is very appropriately named "Don't Panic." Both of these shawls were the result of MKAL we got via Ravelry'

Shown left is "Don't Panic, which was actually knitted as Irma was beginning to pass our area. Aside from the storm, it was a very enjoyable pattern to knit, and one that I would recommend. As shown, this was made using Apple Tree Knits "Silken Light Fingering" yarn, and it only required a single skein which is 756 yards in length. The gradient colorations definitely add an excitement to the finished shawl, and the colors stand out vividly. If you place your cursor on the image left, and left click it will take you to the Ravelry page where you can purchase this pattern for $5.50.



Featured in the photo to the right is "Summer is Coming,"which is another MKAL from Ravelry. Like Don't Panic, this shawl was knitted during Irma's visit. This is an easy pattern to knit, and does not require advanced knitting skills to master. Hence, it s well suited for a very large group of knitters. As shown, it was made using a single skein of Apple Tree Knits "Silken Light Fingering" yarn, which is a delight to knit with, and is hard to describe how wonderful this yarn feels to the touch or against your skin. The blend of 65% silk and 35% linen makes this yarn as close to perfection as perfection comes. Not only is the finished garment beautiful, but you can be assured of many years of use as a result of the durability of the yarn. The gradient aspect to the yarn went a long way in producing a finished piece that is a definite eye catcher. You are certain to garner many compliments from this shawl. If you click on the image and left click you will be taken to the Ravelry pagfe where you can learn more about the pattern and purchase if for $7.00.

As you can see we used the Irma downtime quite productively.



September 16: As many of you have come to realize dealing with large companies, like the telephone company can be time consumming and frustrating. We have been there and done that this week. Yesterday we elevated our issue of no telephone service to the top, and we got fast action. The secret is getting to someone with authority. Most will recognize the senior executive who very competently processed our complaint. The great news is that as of 9:45 this morning our telephone service at the store has been restored. Thiws week has been one that we do not care to repeat - EVER!!! Lets look onward and upward towards the near term future and some very exciting projects that we have planned through the end of the year. It is time to knit holiday gifts and there is no better place to go for all that you need than The Knitting Patch. The holidays will be here before you know it, after all you are already beginning to see decorations in the large box retailers everywhere.

Thank you for your patience through this most distressful week. For any of you who are still without power, please load your knitting projects and come to us and spend you day in our cool store, knitting and enjoying yourself. We will endeavor to make yor day as pleasurable as possible.



September 14: At long last we are open for business (and knitting). Our only remaining issue is that our telephone is still out. CenturyLink is optimistic that they will have it repaired no later than Saturday at 2:00pm. If you try to call the store, the telephone will give you a bust signal, evemn though the telephone is not in use. The best guess by CenturyLink is that a tree likely severed the main trunk link from their central office to our sub-station. The store is better than ever, and as usual it is nice an cool, so if you are without electricity and air conditioning pack your knitting and come over and while away the time knitting here. During this down time we have received some new inventory, most notably from Hedgehog Fibres, Zauberball Cotton (a new product) and others. Stop by an see these exciting new yarns for yourself. Thank you for your patience during this most trying time for everyone.

We are pleased to be stocking a variety of exceptional examples of arts and crafts which are made in Russia. The craftsmanship with these novelties are truly exceptional, and are attention grabbers, which can really add a dimension to your home decorating. Our initial shipment arrived Tuesday, and on Wednesday one customer was taken by these pieces, and left with arms full. We have already placed a replacement order, to which we have added a good bit more. In addition, serious knitters, are likely to be knowledgeable of the world famous "Orenburg Shawl," which is hand knitted in the Orenburg region of Russia with yarns that they also make there especially for these exceptional fine lace shawls. We are stocking this near impossible to get yarn. At present we have limited colors available, but a wider selection is on the way. There is something for everyone in the family. Ask when you visit and we will be happy to share these memorable pieces with you, along with what they represent in the Russian culture. There is a story behind many of these pieces, which are quite heartwarming to hear. As stated above, our inventory of these exceptional collectibles will be increasing over time.

We have recently completed another MKAL shawl. The results speak reams for themselves. In this case, the photos are wonderful, but to fully appreciate the details involved in making this shawl, you need to see it in person. Please ask to see it on your next visit. This is one of the most credible shawls we have come accross, and highly recommend it to advanced knitters. The other shawl featured is another created from a MKAL is Creatrix.


Featured right is Nepthys, which was made with 2 skeins of Hand Maiden Swiss Silk, and complimentary beads which really are the highlight of this incredible shawl. There is so much pattern going on in this shawl, that is must be seen to be fully appreciated. This was a rare find, and thus far people who have seen it have raved over it. Several have purchased the materials and purchased the pattern via Ravelry to make it for themselves.




August 31: It is hard to imagine a more positive way in which to see the hot summer months fade into history than to receive a shipment of beautiful Freia Fibers gradient yarns. This is the first shipment we placed to coincide with the end of summer. Next will be a shipment from Hedgehog Fibres, which we are really exceited about. We are doing everything we can to make fall a beautiful, and colorful season. Keep checking our website for news of new arrivals.

Signing up for our Email newsletters are actually a lot more than just gibberish. We always announce sales in advance to those who have registered. At other times, there are sales that we offer only to those who are registered. There are numerous benefits to being on our distribution. Take the couple of minutes it takes to sign up for our distribution list. Your personal data is very safe with us. We never sell or otherwise make your personal data available to any third party. Our server is highly encrypted, so if someone managed to permeate our security there is virtually zero chance that they would ever be able to read the file.



August 2: If you have knitting to do for babies, and youths in your family, right now is a perfect time to start shopping for these projects. Early this morning we received an anticipated shipment of what is widely held as the best baby yarns available anywhere - Sirdar. We received Snuggly DK; Snuggly 4-Ply; ARAN; & Pearl in the traditional baby colors. Although it is hard to imagine with our temperatures hovering near !00 degrees, but Christmas, and gift giving will be here before you know it. That means that a hand knitted gift that truly is a perpetual piece, that is a goft of love takes time to make, especially if you have multiple youths to knit for. Start early to make certain that you make your list and check it twice....





July 31: Featured in the adjacent photo is our recently finished shawl from Carol Nina Knits (Ravelry) entitled "If You Leave," which is available free on Ravelry. This shawl is much more magnificent than these photos depict, and it is a pleasure to knit. To learn more of this pattern, you can click on the photo (left) and a new tab will be opened for you and the appropriate Ravelry page will be opened automatically (you much log into Ravelry). In making as shown we selected 2 contrasting colors, and the result is what you see. Our shawl is on display in the store, so if you do not see it, please ask and it will be shawn to you. The possibilities abound with the really wonderful design.






Shown (right) is another shawl we completed earlier today. This pattern is named "Birds of a Feather<" which was featured in the newly introduced Laine Magazine. It is impossible to overstate how much pleasure it was knitting this shawl. The pattern was very straight forward, and it required no second guessing as to what was really going on anyplace. If the patterns contained in the first 2 publications of Laine is an example of what is coming, this magazine is definitely a worthwhile addition to your knitting collection. The third release is set for the end of August, which means likely distribution around the middle of September. The feedback we have received from the first 2 editions has been universally positive.




July 29: Over the past few weeks, we have experimented with having a “lesson” of sort that runs in conjunction with selected MKAL projects that appear to be of interest, and that may appeal to a large cross section of the local knitting community. The feedback we have received has been extremely positive thus far, and hence we have decided to continue this quaint tradition. Accordingly, starting in August we are announcing another such “Knit Along” in concert with a selected KAL/MKAL. Our class session will last 1 hour each and will be held on Saturday at 2:00pm, and each follow on will likewise be held on Saturday at 2:00 and last for 1 hour. Upon registration for the class you will be provided with the particulars on the MKAL, including where you can register for the MKAL itself, and the materials that are required. The recent “Knit Alongs” have been a lot of fun, and the results achieved have been stunning.


The Shawl shown in the photo (left) is made using 100% Silk yarn, and it required only 1 skein as shown. The pattern was in the form of a MKAL on Ravelry. If you click on the photo, it will open a new tab for you and take you to the Ravelry page featuring this pattern. As far as knitting is concerned this pattern was a real pleasure to knit. This designer's patterns are always quite precise and easy to understand and follow while knitting. The beading is optional, but we included it, and the beads definitely enhance the visible impact of the shawl. The slight impact on the speed of knitting is in this case definitely worthwhile. Our shawl is on display in the store. If you do not see it, just ask and we will make it available for you. This shawl is quite striking to look at, ensuring that you will receive many enviable looks when you wear it.


July 17: Lately we have been working on 4 MKALs concurrently. The one shown in the adjacent photo is one we just completed, and quite frankly it really looks nice. When taking on any MKAL, I am reminded of the words that Forrest Gump cited "Life is Like a Box of Chocolates, You Never Know What You Are Going to Get..." because to a certain extent anything prefaced with "Mystery" fits that statement. This MKAL was designed by Kirsten Kapur, and the result is really superior, and we found the pattern to be easy to follow. It embodies lace and "Mosaic", which the far right image depicts vividly. There are 2 colors of yarn required, and it took 2 skeins of 1 color and a single skein of the other color. The MKAL has been completed, and then pattern is now available on Ravelry. You can click on the adjacent photo and you will be taken to the Ravelry page in a new tab. If you desire you may view this shawl in the store. This design makes a really nice knitting project, and the finished result is a shawl to is as beautiful as it is unique.


June 28: We are pleased to be stocking a relatively new publication which originates in Finland. As shown in the adjacent impage the name of this magazine is Laine, and it is published monthly. Given what this publication promises to be, we decided to order the first two publications while we wait for the third which will be released in early July. We ordered this publication without having the opportunityto review a copy in advance. This "gamble" was one worth taking.When it arrived this morning, we were absolutely stunned by the quality of the publication in every sense of the word. Physically, it is printed using the highest quality processes and paper available. The writing is also excellent. While most of the magazine is devoted to knitting but not all. The knitting aspects are of impeccable quality, and the patterns are very compelling, and most have a Scandinavian influence. There are also articles/patterns dealing with other aspects of fiber arts, such a crochet, weaving, etc. Interviews with designers who patterns are featured was really enlightening. Thius is one of the most worthwhile publications we have seen in a long while. It would be worthwhile for you to stop by the store and see for yourself. It is really great when someone produces something new, and manages to rais the bar for the entire genre'. That is what Laine has managed to do.

June 20: The shawl featured in the photo (right) was completed just this morning. It was a really nice pattern to knit, and the finished result is exceptional. We selected more sedated colors, and the result of that is much more appealing that we dared to hope. While the photos are good, they really do not do this shawl justice. Hence, we really suggest that you come to the stoe and see for yourself. This pattern is one we purchased on Ravelry, and is named "Malini," created by Lisa Hannes, whose patterns we absolutely love, andlove to knit. Her designs are timeless, and not too difficult to knit. This shawl took a total of 6 colors of fingering weight yarn (1 base color, and 5 complementary colors). The complementary yarns are an excellent use for left overs you may have in your stash. Each complimentary color requires about 100 yards. If you have interest in making this shawl for yourself or as a gift for a spwecial person, and do not have the requisite confidence in your knitting skills, we do offer a class tailored to this shawl, and we also offer project assistance on a per incident basis. If you decide to make this, you will not regret it as the shawl, as you will soon see, it breathtaking, and well worth the investment you will make in making this a reality.

June 12: This day got off to a marvelous beginning with deliveries of new yarn!!! What can be better than that? We actually received a fairly large order from SIRDAR, all of which is really beautiful. The cotton we received has many uses, and is perfectly timed for your summer knitting projects. With a little imagination it could be perfectly suited for a beach cover up that is oretty much knitted using a shawl pattern, and the finished result with be stunning. From there it is also well suited to numerous baby knitting projects for which SIRDAR is noted worldwide. In this shipment was their acrylic in all of the traditional baby colors and a few extas. SIRDAR acrylic has been the perennial favorite for knittwers the world over when selecting a yarn for baby knitting projects. It has proven itself to be exceptionally durable in this genre', and holds up extremely to thenear "abuse' that baby realted things get in their daily use, which then subjects them to repeated washings, etc. When you select SIRDAR for any baby project, you can be assured that you have invested in an extremely high quality yarn, that has proven itself over and over again with the test of time.

The photo to the right is a recently completed shawl, which has many positive attributes to it. The designer of this shawl created a masterpiece that is also masterfully easy pattern to knit. The only stitches used are Garter and Slip Stitch!!! That is remarkable. Moreover it makes use of short rows. The yarn we selected to make this is Madelinetosh Dandelion, and we used 2 colors of this yarn. The pattern is available on Ravelry, and is the creation of Lisa Hannes. This is a pattern and project that we highly recommend as it is fun.


The shawl featured in the photo (left) was made during the recent MKAL sponsored by Boo Knits! We took this an extra step by having a "help" class as a part of the MKAL itself. In this case, our assistance ensured that everyone stayed up to date and current with the homework assignments throughout the creative cycle. Best of all, it also ensured that in addition to staying current, that the work product was defect free. The featured shawl was made using a single skein of Apple Tree Silk/Linen yarn. The result is a beautiful creation that is as durable, comfortable and functional as it is beautiful to admire. This shawl is on display in the store, so please stop by and have a look at it yourself. It's never too late to pick your yarn and get started making your showpiece.



We started looking through our photographs, and found that some pieces we knitted never found their way to the website. Accordingly, we are working to fix this little transgression. The first omissions are below, with others coming over the next week.

The shawl [left] was a lot of fun to make. It is made using 2 skeins of Scrumptious yarns. The result is really terriffic. This shawl would work well with a variety of dress, and will provide you with a modicum of protection from evenings, which can easily become windy, and chilly. Best of all, the design of this shawl assures to you will be noticed wherever you wear it. It reallt is an eye catcher. This shawl is on display in the store. Stop by and see for yourself. If you have interest in knitting this for yourself, but are not totally confident that your knitting skills are up to the task, talk with us, and consider the options we offer to ensure that your knitting is successful. Investing in great yarns is a very worthwhile investment, likewise, investing in your education is equally important, if not more so.

Belarra shown in the photo [right] was knitted using a single skein of Road to China Lace yarn. This yarn is a dream to knit with, and the pattern was equally friendly. The finished shawl looks far more complex to make than reality proved. It was actually a pleasurable knitting experience.





Shown leftt is another shawl we recently finished. Margarethe was knitted using 7 skein of Road to China Lite, which is an awesome yarn, and quite easy to knit with. It also produces some stunning results as it did in this case. Margarethe is on display in the store for you inspection, just ask.







To the right is Luna. Luna is quite versatil, and useful, especially when you are trying to keep a chill off, and perhaps a companion. Luna was knitted using 2 skeins of Galler yarn. Luna is on display in the store, so stop by and see for yourself. Please ask for assistance, and Luna will be provided to you for your inspection.

May 24: We have been working furiously making certain that we are prepared for the upcoming Summer season, by stocking the latest yarns that are suited for Florida's climate, and casual lifestyles. One area that newer technology that is very compelling is graduated yarns. We have an extensive inventory of these beautiful yarns, with varying fier contents which are ideally suited. Be certain to check these yarns out before you commit to a project. We have knitted examples for you to review so that you can see how these yarns knit up. Late last week we received a major shipment of these yarns that are certain to please the most discriminating knitter.

We also have stayed been busy knitting samples for you to see, feel and touch. The teo most recent examples are featured in the two photos below, both were MKAL projects;



Shown left is a shawl from Laura Nelkin named "Creatrix," which was created during her recent KAL. The finished shawl is really beautiful, and would complement many ensembles. It is light enough to be usable year round here in Florida, but offers enough cover to take the light chill away from you.




Today (May 10) we received a shipment of organics cotton, which is ideal for baby knitting projects as well as keepsake Handmade Gifts. These are really indescribable, and must be seen to be truly appreciated. We also have "kits" featuring this yarn, which are excellent values, and promises to be engaging knitting projects that are well suited to a novice knitter.







April has gotten off to a great start.Out assisted MKAL has gotten traction, and the participatens are making progress on the first clue which was released last Friday. If you missed out because you did not register, keep in mind that you can register late, and join the group in making a shawl from a well known designer, whose design have been accepted from just about every place on the globe. Whatwe have seen to date from the first clue, this one appears to be no different, and our expectation are well set. Our next get together is scheduled for this coming Saturday (April 8 @ 2:00p,). If you find that you would like to participate, please call the store and register by telephone. Looking forward to May, BOO Knits! has her MKAL starting on May 1. We will also be conducting our "assistance" for this MKAL as well. Boo Knits plans to release 6 clues in order to complete "Just Be You," making the cost for participating in our MKAL assistance $30. You can purchase the MKAL by visiting Boo Knits on Ravelry, by clicking on the Just Be You logo shown (right). For those who are not familiar with Boo Knits, her patterns are unique in that they look far more complex than they actuually are to knit. We have seen novice knitters make what looks like a masterpiece produced by an extremely knowledgeable knitter. They are universally elegant, and generally look far more complex than they truly are. If you want to take on a project that will have you produce a beautiful shawl, and boost your self confidence at the same time, then this is a unique opportuity for you.


We recently completed 2 shawls, which were really fun projects, and turned out to be quite attractive. Shown in the photo (below-left) is our Begonia Swirl, which was made using a free pattern available on Ravelry. If you click on this photo, you will be taken to the Ravelry page where you can download the pattern. We used 3 skeins of Meadow yarn, which is a blend of 40% Merino Wool; 25% Baby Llama;20% Silk; and 15% Linen in making this shawl (as shown). It is on display in the store if you want to see what it actually looks like. Featured in the photo (below-right) is another recently finished shawl named Twinity. We used 1.5 skeins of Freia Alpaca/Silk in making this shawl. Freia yarns are quite striking in their appearance, which when combined with the right pattern can produce a very stunning result, which is what happened in this case. This was an interesting project to knit, and was not terribly difficult to master. Your finished piece also comes with "bragging rights." It is definitely an attention getter, and you are certain to receive compliments when you wear this.








We recently completed our first knitting project using Apple Tree's lace yarn, which is a gradient yarn, and a blend of 51% Mulberry Silk & 49% Merino Wool, giving anything made with this yarn some enviable characteristics. The Silk content ensures that unmistakeable sheen that only comes from Silk, and the Merino Wool provides durability which ensures that whatever you make using this product will remain in your wardrobe for many years to come. Our "Spring Allegro" beaded lace shawl as featured on the photo (right) is stunning no matter how you look at it. Hence, you will garner many compliments when you wear something that is as striking in appearance is this shawl is. As shown, this shawl required on a single skein of Apple Tree's Luxe Fingering yarn to make. Spring Allegro is on display in the store for your perusal.

February 2: When we find a pattern that we really like, it is not unusual that we will make moe than one example from it. After all, different yans/fibers produce different looking results. In this case, the pattern is names Color Block Cardigan, and we first knitted it using HandMaiden Flaxen yarn, which is a blend of Silk & Linen. The second example was knitted using Louet Euroflax, which is 100% Linen. We just completed the 2nd Cardigan, and hence we are ready to introduce both of these to you. Both are really exceptional garments, that anyone would be proud to wear. The differences between the Silk Linen Blend and 100% Linen are evident, eith the Linen having a more relaxed, casual appearance. Due to the 100% linen content, this garment will be considerably easier to care for than the one made with the Silk+Linen blend. Shown in the photos below are both of these cardigans. Shown in the left photo is the Cardigan made with the Silk+Linen blend, the image on the right is the Cardigan mad from 100% Linen. There are subtle differences in the knitting, as the variegated colors used in the top of the one on the left, and they appear at the bottom of the one made with 100% Linen. The yardage requirements vary depending on the size you wish to knit and how you want to knit it. As shown these cardigans used approximately 1,200 yards, and that is a total of both variegated and solid colors. The pattern provides guidance for yarn of between 800 yards and 1,500 yards. This cardigan is really a stylish creation that is certain to pair itself with a variety of other garments. You will likely receive many compliments when you wear this cardigan.

January 31: Today we are formally introducing a new line of knitting accessories and tools which are truly pieces of art themselves. In reality we have been selling these tools since October, but demand has been so high, that we have been unable to have any examples available for anyone to see. While demand remains high, production has increased to the point wherein we have some examples available for your inspection and purchase. Presently these accessories are limited to hand crafted cups to use to hold beads while you are knitting, and a specially designed turntable to hold your ball of yarn while you are knitting. While these may seem to be simple creations, they are anything but, and when you see these for yourself you will understand how special these accessories are. The best part is that they are incredibly functional! The craftsmanship and quality are evident every way you look. We have customers, who recently purchased a similar "ball holder/buddy" on Etsy, but when they saw the ours they instantly purchased another one based entirely on quality. There is no sound or feel of the ball bearings moving as the table turns, which is due to the fact that our ball holder uses special high quality bearings, ensuring a long life span, and flawless operation for years to come. We accept special orders built to your specifications using whatever wood(s) you specify, as well as making special sizes/finishes as may be applicable. The Knitting Patch has exclusive distribution rights to these unique artistic, knitting accessories. These offerings will be expanding later in the year to include custom made knitting needles available in a wide variety of woods. It is very difficult to assess quality from picture on a website. Seeing is believing. Accordingly, we invite you to visit the store and see these incredible creations for yourself, and in all likelihood you will see one in use on our project table, as we have become addicted to using a ball holder when we are knitting.


The photo (right) shows a really nice, casual cardigan that is perfect for many different occasions. This pattern for "Color Block Cardigan" is available for purchase on Raverly. It was knitted using Handmaiden/Fleece Artist Flaxen yarn. This cardigan required 2 different colors, and further required 2 skeins of each color chosen. We viewed Flaxen's fiber content as nearly perfect for this cardigan as it is 65% silk, and 35% linen. Perfect for beginners, as the stitches used in making this piece are basic Knit & Purl, without tricky combinations. Visit the store and see our "Color Block Cardigan" which is on display, then start looking for the perfect colors to make yours.